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Warranty Claims—The ultimate goal for our customer service department is to identify and solve problems while providing an excellent customer service experience.

In order for us to accurately process your warranty claim, we need a little information. Please fill out the Online Warranty Authorization Request Form below to the best of your ability and attach a copy of your receipt. We may ask you to provide additional information, but pleae be sure that we are doing so to provide you with a long lasting solution. Please be as detailed as possible and thank you ng our prodfuct!

Our customer service specialist will contact within (1) business day with a solution.

If you have any issues or exceptions please feel free to contact us directly by email at or by phone at 920-545-4956.

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Please attach an electronic copy of your receipt to this form.

If you would prefer to mail, email or fax your Warranty Return form, use this fillable PDF version.

Summerville, SC – December 2018 – We regretfully announce that Ballistic Performance Components LLC will cease operations, effective immediately. We have always strived to produce the highest quality battery possible, but due to increased competition from lower cost, lower quality Chinese batteries and difficulty sourcing high quality cells, we are no longer able to manufacture batteries in the United States for a competitive price. We would like to thank our dealers, distributors, suppliers, partners, customers and employees for their support over the last 9 years.