Back-Up USB Power Supply and Emergency Jump Start

The Ballistic Back-Pack has the power you need to charge all your USB devices multiple times and enough burst capacity to start your power sports vehicle in an emergency. This Multi-Use Lithium-Ion Back-Up USB Power Supply and Powersports Emergency Jump Starter comes with a house charger, car charger, multi-USB connector, and jump-start clamps.

  • The smallest, lightest handheld portable jump starter for motorcycles, ATVs, UTVs, and personal watercraft.
  • Portable back-up power supply for electronic devices like mobile phones, tablets, cameras and other USB handheld appliances.
  • Built-in LED flashlight with multiple lighting modes.
  • High capacity Lithium Ion battery with fast charging capability and extremely low discharge rate.

Metric: (L)131mm x (W)75mm x (H)25mm
Standard: (L)5.1" x (W)2.9" x (H)0.9"
Weight: 300g (0.66lbs)
USB Output: 5 volts, 2 amps
Jump Start: 12volts
Starting Current: 200amps
Burst Current: 400amps (5sec @ 70°F degrees)
Watt/Hours: 96 Whrs
Amp/Hours: 8 Ahrs
Full Charging Time: 3 Hours
Static Discharge rate: <10 percent per 1 Year
Operating Environment: 0°F (-18°C) to 140°F (60°C)

You can see the installation instructions at this link.

Video: Back-Pack Jump Starter and Emergency Power Supply

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Summerville, SC – December 2018 – We regretfully announce that Ballistic Performance Components LLC will cease operations, effective immediately. We have always strived to produce the highest quality battery possible, but due to increased competition from lower cost, lower quality Chinese batteries and difficulty sourcing high quality cells, we are no longer able to manufacture batteries in the United States for a competitive price. We would like to thank our dealers, distributors, suppliers, partners, customers and employees for their support over the last 9 years.