EVO2 16 Cell

Ballistic Performance Part Number: 103-013

Parts Unlimited No.: 2113-0261

Dimensions (Metric): 114(L) x 114(w) x 112(h)

Dimensions (Standard): 4.5"(L) x 4.5"(w) x 4.25"(h)

Negative Terminal Location:

Weight: 3.5 lbs

Voltage (Charged): 13.6V

Amp/Hours: 9.2 Ahrs

Burst Cranking Amps: 480 BCA (5 sec @ 70°F)

OPERATING ENVIRONMENT: -18°C (0°F) to 60°C (140°F)

The 16 Cell HD EVO2 and 16 Cell EVO2 was built to fill a need in the battery market for an extremely small battery with an enormous amount of power. The 16 Cell is meant for the most sever duty applications where maximum starting capacity is needed. The 16 Cell HD fits in the same foot print as a YTX20HL-BS but has an eye popping 480 Burst Cranking Amps and weighs only 3.5lbs! There is no special charger required, but charging with our Ballistic Performance Components Advanced Charger will greatly extend the life of the battery. Please check our application guide here for your specific application.

Video: Advantages and Disadvantages of LiFePO4 Batteries


AccessoriesPart Numbers
EVO Advanced Charger99.95200-1103807-0233
EVO Professional BMS Charger159.95200-1043807-0235
EVO Health Monitor Charger Lead39.95300-1103807-0237
EVO Battery System Tester44.95800-0103807-0238
Quick Disconnect Kit49.95300-0012113-0262
EVO High Amp Quick Disconnect Kit49.95300-0002113-0271
EVO Cable Extension Kit9.95300-0022113-0263
EVO High Amp Cable Extension Kit9.95300-0032113-0272

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Summerville, SC – December 2018 – We regretfully announce that Ballistic Performance Components LLC will cease operations, effective immediately. We have always strived to produce the highest quality battery possible, but due to increased competition from lower cost, lower quality Chinese batteries and difficulty sourcing high quality cells, we are no longer able to manufacture batteries in the United States for a competitive price. We would like to thank our dealers, distributors, suppliers, partners, customers and employees for their support over the last 9 years.