Millennium Technologies Factory Aprilia Team

Ballistic Performance Components was formed in 2009 in the high pressure environment of professional racing. Millennium Technologies was the title sponsor and principle technical partner of the Factory Aprilia Millennium Technologies AMA Superbike team. In a quest to reduce the weight of the Aprilia race bikes Millennium Technologies began research of lightweight battery technology for use in a powersports starter battery application. Millennium Technologies determined that Lithium Ferrous Phosphate (LiFePO4) was the answer. Lithium Ferrous Phosphate (LiFePO4) was originally discovered by John Goodenough’s research group at the University of Texas in 1996. Because of its relatively low cost, non-toxicity, excellent thermal stability, safety characteristics, good electrochemical performance, and high specific capacity, it is the perfect chemistry for powersports applications. Simply put, LiFePO4 cells can deliver an enormous amount of power over a very short time and then recover very quickly. In an effort to make this technology available to our customers, Ballistic Performance Components was formed. This combination of new technology, extensive hands on professional racing experience, and Millennium Technologies industry leading manufacturing capabilities lead to what we believe is one of the best powersports battery on the market today.

Ballistic Performance Components is part of the Millennium Technologies Family of companies. At Millennium Technologies, one of our founding principles is quality. Quality people produce quality results. We are known as the best in the industry and intend to maintain this honorable position. Being the fastest or the cheapest does not make you the best. “Quality First” is not a rule—it’s a way of life.

Summerville, SC – December 2018 – We regretfully announce that Ballistic Performance Components LLC will cease operations, effective immediately. We have always strived to produce the highest quality battery possible, but due to increased competition from lower cost, lower quality Chinese batteries and difficulty sourcing high quality cells, we are no longer able to manufacture batteries in the United States for a competitive price. We would like to thank our dealers, distributors, suppliers, partners, customers and employees for their support over the last 9 years.